Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catching up with Holiday Mayhem.

None of my posts can ever get off the ground and running without a little "background" So here we go:
There are 3 days left till Christmas, I am sick with Laryngitis, and Evan has a girlfriend.
Many of you may not find the sick part shocking since you have sat by and witnessed the apparent permanent grey cloud of sickness that has been hanging over our house since September. From colds to sinus infections to Mono to the dreadful stomach flu that took down the whole family the week of Thanksgiving.

I have to say, I notice a lot of things when I am sick. First, my husband refuse's to make eye contact with me. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that if he and I were to lock eyes, and he sees how bad off I really am, he will have to stay home from work and run things here at the farm. So he tap dances around me, throws in a "you okay" every now and then and slips me vitamins when I am not looking. He then leaves skid marks on his way to work.

Second thing I notice when I am sick is that I am not allowed to get sick. I say this with all sincerity, because I truly do value my job as a stay at home Mom but I get no sick days. Zilch, Zero, Nada. The last "sick day" I had was two years ago and it was only classified as a "sick day" because I was chained to an IV in the ER compliments of a kidney stone. But now since it is the holidays I am especially not allowed to get sick. Too much to do, too much going, so on day 3 with no voice and a cough that was officially getting on my last nerve, I headed to the doctor where I proceeded to beg for an antibiotic and some cough syrup. Not the pansy kind either. No I wanted the one with a slight hint of narcotic's that puts me on a magic carpet ride of sleep and makes me say things like "did you put the cat out? (We don't own one) and "For God's sake turn the air conditioner up" (it is 12 degrees out). But sleep I got and sleep I needed because it is now time to address Evan's "girlfriend."

So here is where I am on the whole thing. I am contemplating two things: Home schooling or finding a bridge to jump from. Now some of you may be rolling your eyes but this is Evan we are talking about... My BABY. Oh fine, he is not a baby anymore but he is only 5 (okay to be fair 5 1/2) but STILL!!!! A girlfriend in Kindergarten??? Have you ever?? For privacy purposes I won't use her real name, so let’s just call her "Angelina" (it just came to me). ANYWAYS, Angelina's name has been mentioned more and more around here. They share the same table at school and when I went and had lunch with Evan I had to fight her to sit next to him. Even some his classmates know about their budding "friendship."
"Evan is in LOOOVVEEE" a few of them tell me.
"Uh huh." Is my response, but I see her looking at me. And I have to admit, she is a doll..... Wait, no I mean she is like a spider. A SPIDER I SAY, just waiting....preying any second now.....But her sweet blue eyes and she seems to really like me, she asked me to help her with her hair clip. I guess if he were to have a girlfriend, he at least has good taste.
WHAT AM I SAYING!!!!!?????? You know what I found the other day? Do you?? Well let me tell you. An envelope with Angelina name on it. And it hearts all over it. HEARTS!!!
He used to draw me hearts. I remind him of this one night and is met with his coy little smile.
"But Mommy.... he says sweetly. "You have me ALL the time."
Who in this house taught him logic? Certainly not me. But damn it all......
"So Angelina is your friend huh?"
He shakes his head. "Yeah she is my friend." he replies.
"Does she make you happy?" I ask fully knowing and intending this to be a set up question as I reach for my bottle of Zanax.
"Huh?" He replies
"You know... do you like being with her?"
"Ewwww, no she is a GIRL."
Deep breath...... I love that Kid. Did I tell you he was my baby? Mommy- ONE Angelina- ZERO!
"But Mommy when I grow up and marry Hannah like daddy said I could can I sleep in the same bed with her like you and Daddy do?"
As I chug the bottle of Zanax I make a mental note. "Murder husband slowly and painfully."

Well, on that note lets switch to some holiday cheer shall we!!

I say this every year but what the hell?? Is it me or does December seem to just be on fast forward more and more each year? If only its predecessor January would move as fast. But here we are 3 days to the big day and All the signs are in place that we are ready. The kids excitement level has doubled, The Elf has officially worn out any and all hiding places and my husband (whose murder plans I have decided to put on hold since I will need him to set up the Xbox we have gotten the boys) keeps leaving our bank statement page up on the computer. Like this really works. It is Christmas, I spend money and I crave (Okay NEED) the $4.00 gingerbread latte form starbucks. It is all a part of the festive joy and mayhem that makes this time of year...Well, My favorite! So here is hoping that your mayhem is just as wonderful as ours. And if your kindergartener has a girlfriend or boyfriend, please contact me so I can talk to a reasonable person about the whole how to stop kids from growing up thing.  There must be a way right?  Christmas I am ready for, but not quite the Angelina's. 

Here are some photos from our holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone.

The boys at the Penland Farm snowman showing how they are growing.

Standing in front of the tree before we cut it down.


Evan hangs his baby "1st Christmas" Ornament

Ryan's Turn

Our Tree at Night

Ryan in his class Christmas Program.

One of my fave pictures of me and the boys in Snowshoe WV.

My blessed and wonderful Family.


  1. You are incredibly beautiful even when your sick! Loved the photos and the update but sorry to hear you've been battling so much sickness in your house. Hope you have a very merry (healthy!) Christmas!

  2. thanks for the update! miss seeing your happy face!



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