Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Better Hands Now.

My Mom, Dad, Nana….and actually most of my relatives (now that I think about it) used to tell me that once I became a parent, time would fly by so fast. I didn't believe them at first. Especially in those first few months of sleep deprivation, no reason crying and diaper changing I couldn’t wish hard enough for the time to go by faster. It seemed to stand still in those late night feedings, and as I rocked back and forth in the chair feeding my precious little new wonder I could hear those words... "Enjoy, because it goes by so fast..."
But as I sit down to write this post, damn at all if all those relatives of mine weren’t right. I had planned on writing about the past year, but as I type, I really find myself focusing on the decade. A whole decade. 10 years since the Y2K mumbo jumbo. Do you remember that? I sort of do, but just like most things that come and go it has fizzled and jokes are made and eventually it's forgotten about except in one liners here and there and my husband (who is in technology and had to work that night) makes reference form time to time with a proper and much deserved sour look on his face.
But we got through it, and I started thinking over the past ten years and what we all have gotten or not gotten through..... For me, these were the stand outs.....

We lost the twin towers, and went to war. Right or wrong??? Ten years later, I am still not sure. I do however feel one thing is for certain…Our soldiers are the real heroes and I can never thank them enough.

The Anthrax scare… SARS…Swine flu… It did (and still does). Seem endless. I still think one of the coolest inventions of the decade is liquid hand sanitizer. Thanks Purell.

Snipers in cars, shooting innocent victims, threatening the whole east coast and make us all never pump gas the same again. Those few weeks felt like we were in a Steven Spielberg movie and I could feel the whole nation breathe a sigh of relief when they were caught.

And on that topic, Goodbye (and good riddens) to John Muhammad, Timothy McVeigh, Sadam Hussein and well anyone who is or was just plain evil.

In the next breath goodbye and rest in peace Chandra Levy, Caylee Anthony, occupants of the twin towers, flight numbers 11,175, 77 and 93 the crew of Columbia, Ronald Regan, JFK Junior, The Crocodile Hunter, Lacy and her unborn baby Peterson, Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, Christopher Reeve, Pope John Paul II, Natasha Richardson, 33 Virginia Tech students and staff, Heath Ledger, Gregory Hines, John Ritter, and Billy Mays. I know there was more… I know there will be more. I hope the new decade brings closure and peace to everyone who lost a loved one.

New York City blacked out, not terror just a glib. Kind of cool actually the city that never sleeps may have for at least one night.

Catholic priests were no longer invincible, and neither was the sweet old man next door. Skeletons came out; reality of certain evils in this world took new shapes and forms, and made riding bikes to and from the park without an adult no longer possible. I hug my kids a bit harder now, and probably always will.

The oh so hip and catchy phrases to sum up a celebrity couple…. “Bennifer” ”TomKat.. “Branglina”

But that brings me to my next topic, Reality TV I really feel that MTV’s “The Real World” started the trend here (anyone remember Puck) I was so addicted….. But a slew of realities TV smacked us all in the face and made us watch such silly (sometimes crude) yet absolutely fascinating shows like Survivor (first one is and will always be the best one). Bachelor, My Big Fat Obnoxious fiancé (yes I watched and routed for the big guy) Big Brother and more…. So many more that it became overwhelming and too much. At least for me. I don’t think I watch any reality TV anymore…Well….there is that one…

AMERICAN IDOL!! I mean talk about a time of the Decade. Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, the awful few weeks before the show actually starts of horrific auditions and embarrassing out takes (“she bang she bang….”) that guy made a record!! WHAT!?!?!

Oh my…

Yet it works and we now have Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry (heeeeyy…) Fantasia, David Cook, Adam Lambert and a plethora of others who made me really love music again, even music I didn’t think I would like… (Yes I have a few Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks songs on my iPod….)

TiVo, Facebook, Economic crisis,The Kindle, Organic foods....

Goodbye Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler. Hello Jim and Pam, Tina Fey and that Dexter guy, who kills bad guys. Not to mention McDreamy, McSteamy and Mc-Hannah Montanta.

“LOST.” Lost come out, come out where ever you are. This year is the last of the hit cult series. I will miss this show but finally excited to learn what the heck has been going on for the past 5 years.

Welcome home Elizabeth Smart, Sean Hornbeck, Ben Ownby and Jaycee Dugard..

A storm named Katrina.

Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, David Letterman…You got caught and that beautiful pedestal you stood on disappeared before our eyes. But you can’t be blamed for everything…. You didn’t ask for the pedestal, probably didn’t even want it. As hard as it is for most of us to see, you are human and not so invincible. Are you a bunch of asses??? Yeah, pretty much…. Will we forgive you and remember you other talents, yeah pretty much….

Susan Boyle. I think she speaks for herself.

A Pregnant dude?? Again speaks for itself.

Our first African American President!

A story about a boy named Harry Potter. Another one about vampires who fall in love and captivated a nation of true believers that no matter what love can conquer all.

One more, about “The Shack”, where tragedy yet miracles happen. Sadness and beauty come together in a way I know personally I will never forget reading. Believe…

Natalie Holloway, Madelyn McCain and way too many more missing young children and adults. Please come home.

The loss of great news personalities such as David Bloom, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert.

IPods iphones, itouch, blackberries, mp3 players, Xbox Wi-Fi Wii Jib Jab, You Tube… Lions tigers and bears.
As for me, personally how does one sum up a decade. It’s impossible. .. Yet, quite simply the best part of my life has taken place these past ten years. I said goodbye to my fun yet naïve (and relatively confusing 20’s). I found and married my soul mate. I have two wonderful and healthy boys. Out of all the places I visited, Ground Zero in NYC, was the most profound and had the most impact on me. I am more confident now, not quite as scared to try new things and probably my favorite is I laugh more. I laugh at myself the most which, when all is said and done should be mandatory for everyone. Maybe if we laughed more and didn’t take ourselves so seriously, the new decade and ones thereafter will offer more light and hope and beautiful moments of peace. How much better the world is when you laugh.
I also can't leave this post without focusing on the real reason I am so blessed. Thank you so much God for my family, my friends, my life. Ten years ago I wasn't quite so aware of the impact faith can have on us all. As I worked on this slide show, and remincesed on some of my favorite memories from the past ten years, I was reminded again and agian that all my happy, sad and in between moments all are "my moments". They have made me who I am today. A person who without a doubt is in better hands now.
How so very lucky am I?
I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed New Year.

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  1. Love the pics!!! I've never really taken a look at Chris before and it is amazing how much of him I seen in the boys. Love your visual walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing and have a Wonderful New Year!



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