Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guess what? It snowed!!

Pbbsssttt.... Hey blog, Guess what? It snowed. I mean really, really snowed. And guess what? It is STILL snowing... The kids just woke up. They are so happy for a snow day and are laughing and being silly. Oh how fun. Just had to share!!

Hey blog, me again, so guess what??? Husband who freaked me out all last night with his- I have to go into to work tomorrow because I am a male and don't respond to any sort of logic (snow storm warnings), is also staying home. Something about him having to actually see the logic (snow) to process the logic (lots of snow) and finally admit that yeah, the roads are pretty bad, (from all the snow). I am so happy he is home and I only said "I told you so" like 12 times so he is still speaking to me.

So um...Blog get this... Did you know that kids like to go outside and play in the snow? They are pretty adamant too. It is only 8:00 a.m and the thermometer says 27. Did you also know that when you tell a 4 and 5 year old that they needed to wait a little while before going outside and that it didn't go over very well and one was forced to make chocolate chip pancakes to keep them quiet.
Have I also mentioned that I am out of milk?

Hello....Me again, I just wanted to comment real quick that the snow is really pretty to look at. I know this because hubby decided to raise all the blinds up in our bedroom so we can see the snow falling. I can't be sure but I think those are window sills behind the blinds in our bedroom (that never before now have had a need to be raised). I am quite sure though that a layer of dust on said window sills is not nearly as pretty as the snow falling. I am so happy he is home to raise blinds and show me these things He is a keeper. Oh and It is now 8:06 and I am not sure how much longer I can hold the boys off. It is coming down harder now. I think I am pretty much screwed and going outside which may be in order since I am now sneezing.

Hi Blog, We are now in the process of getting dressed and I am actually really glad to have hubby's help. Want to know my least favorite activity (other than dusting obviously)? Dressing overly excited boys in lots of warm clothing. Want to know my second least favorite activity? Getting them to understand that snow pants go on LAST. Hubby is being helpful so far but can tell he is easily getting frustrated by the 4 year old who now has everything on backwards. There is some minor tension going on, but the snow isn't going anywhere and is still coming down. Jeez oh Pete blog it looks cold. Have I mentioned I am not a huge fan of the cold.....? Oh no.... I have to go it is boot time.

Dear Blog, have you seen the kid’s boots? Just asking.... Because guess what...I CAN'T FIND THEIR F**ING BOOTS!!
Calming down...
Okay blog everything is cool (sorry I yelled). So I found their boots. They were in the garage and boys screamed how cold they were when we put them on. Gosh they can be so dramatic sometimes. Hubby who is usually at work when I help get the kids dressed is sure going on overload now. Wow, his coloring is a bit red. Uh oh....now he has to help then with their gloves. Big, puffy, snow gloves.
"Push your hands in." he says (getting redder)
"Find the thumb." NO YOUR THUMB!! Wiggle you fingers around till you feel the holes. Are you listening to Daddy? ARE YOU?"
I better go help.....

(28 minutes later)  Yello!.... The kids are finally dressed. That was basically hell in a hand bag.  Hubby just downed a 5th of scotch. I so love when he is proactive, maybe that will help him forget the dust issue. We are ready to go outside and play. I will be back with pictures. It is so pretty...

Holy F**K it is cold. Yes, we are back for a pee break because guess what my 3rd least favorite thing is... KIDS WHO ARE WEARING SNOW PANTS FOR 4.5 seconds and THEN announces they have to go pee pee. Yup that is my third least favorite thing ever!

Hi... I can't type for long because I can't feel my hands or arms very well. We are inside again taking another small break. The sledding was fun and we ran into some neighbors who sledded with us. One minor hiccup, when one child hit a mail box post, but he was fine. I learned that kids dressed in three layers of fluffy thick clothing bounce really really well. Oh crap, back outside for round two. Have I mentioned I am freezing and exhausted from all the sledding?? I will be back shortly with more updates and hopefully some pictures this time since it is always best for photo taking when you remember the camera. I am also grabbing a beer on the way. It is almost noon so shut it.

Hey blog, hubby and I have gotten a second wind and more friends have joined us so grabbing a few more beers. I love snow days. Back later....

Cabk os hum unf tub old as hrth lope tanse wout.

(Yawn) Hi ya Blog (another yawn).  Wow, what at nap we all had. It is dark outside now. I am already starting to feel my arms and back muscles sore form pushing the kids on the sleds. What a fun and pretty day. Coats, boots, scarfs and mittens are scattered everywhere. Frozen pizza for dinner coming up. Rumor has it there will be no school again tomorrow. Wow, another day of fun and......
No School?
Are they crazy?
This all over again?
And Hubby more than adamant this time to go into the office tomorrow (make mental note to drain gas from his car so he can't go anywhere). He can't -CAN'T I SAY leave me....
Calming down.

Hi.... I just finished tucking the boys in. Bless their hearts they must have been so worn out They are sound asleep and look so peaceful, happy, content....

And guess what blog?
So am I.

The pictures.....

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