Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Owning Five

Hey Kiddo...I just had this chat with your brother...
Stop growing up on me!
I could stage a protest and not feed you so you will stop growing.
But who are we kidding?
You know where I keep the Chex Mix, your favorite of late.  You know where the juice boxes are, you know to put ice in your cup and always find away to ask for more.
And I always find away to not say "No."
Because you pretty much own me. 
My five year old boy!
You have owned me from the start  Because you came into this world on anything but your own....
A car accident, an ambulance ride, a look on the doctors face....
So soon?
He has 7 more weeks!!
Too late.
Gurneys and needles.
Crying and then, your first sound, a small squeak. 
Breathing wasn't your own, but the tubes and sounds and monitors and two parents scared out of their minds until you owned up to your spirit and showed us that you of all people-
Had this.
I got this Mom.  No problem!
You owned me then and you own me now.
And can I let you in on a little tip?
I think I like it when you own me.  I makes you and me, "you and me". 
My Ryan... My sweet, energetic, awesome, amazing free spirited little Ryan. 
Who is five.
And if you don't mind I am going to keep calling you my little Ryan.  Because you are, my baby boy.
Yet, sometimes you are so much older then I give you credit for.   You are wise and perceptive of everything around you.  If someone is hurt or crying, you are the first to check on them.  I watched you last month break up a fight in the McDonald's play area.  You just want people happy and to get along.
Except when you are playing with your brother, but that is another post, another story, another part of you being a part of our family.
Because quite honestly, we aren't one without you.
So Happy wonderful 5th Birthday my sweet little peace maker, my angel my pure joy and light.
Thank you for letting me own your heart, because child....
You own mine!

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