Monday, March 14, 2011

The Little Performer.

What a wonderful surprise it was when shortly before church service ended, in came the Kindergartner’s and first graders to recite the Lord’s Prayer. I remember last year watching the older kids getting to come into worship from time to time and I couldn’t wait until my boys were old enough to do the same. I mean after all we have raised good, sweet, humble and respectful little boys right? Surely they would shine in any public setting.

Well, in they came and Evan is now old enough to be a part of this group. He also happened to be first in line which put in next to Ashley, the children’s worship coordinator. Yup, that is him in the red shirt standing slightly off from the rest of the group (and I promise I combed his hair before we left the house). That is him “performing” if you will. And yes that is him flirting with his zipper in CHURCH.
Dear Father….
I am so glad someone recorded this, his father and I missed most of it after we dove under the chairs when he proceeded to wipe his nose with his shirt. I knew it was over when I heard the clapping and then a gentleman behind us said “Gee, that little boy must be hell on wheels” Why yes, yes he is. But he is MY hell on wheels and I told the gentleman so proudly (and wanted to remind in he shouldn't say "hell" in church but I took the higher road) . Later in the foyer where people gather and mingle afterwards, Evan had more of a crowd around him than the Pastor.
“You were so cute….”
“Evan you cracked us up…”
“We loved seeing you give your Mom the thumbs up sign.”
He handled his new found fame with high fiving everyone and then proceeded to join his brother in climbing all over the chairs in the worship center while Chris and I were left to deal with his groupies. If I didn’t know any better I could have sworn I heard him say “I will have my people call your people.”
We didn’t leave until almost an hour later.
Later in the car Chris gave Evan a lecture on how to be “humble” when Ms. Ashley is talking about praying and how when you are up on stage you are up there for God and not to entertain everyone.  I would have chimed in of course but I was too busy trying not to crack up all over again.
In the end I do believe he did well, and he seemed happy to be a part of the service. So enjoy the video clip (some of the audio is heard to hear) but I betcha you will smile at not only Evan (particualy at the end) but all the kids and their sweet rendition of The Lord’s Prayer.

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  1. the other kids were boring... your kid was just adding a little excitement. i'm sure god loved it : )



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