Thursday, March 31, 2011

It could be a Problem.

I might have a problem with this whole photography thing.....
But let me explain.
First, I wasn't looking for a new hobby, a new past time, a new way to spend my time in my already crazy Mommy world of pure...well....Craziness!
But it started when I began taking pictures for my "other" blog.....My other baby, my new adventure in helping other Mom's grow their business. My ability to be inspired and stay inspired...My outlet for finally being a writer... HELLO dream finally come true!!!
And I am not even 40 (okay so I am close but what the freak ever).
Back to the Togging. You see that is slang for being a Mommy Photographer... Yup, I tog now. Totally togging here. I even like saying it....Tog Tog Tog...
I am fully aware of my dorkiness in case you were wondering.
But I have a point.... And that ever important point is I own children.... Children who are growing faster and with that growing brings changes. Lots of changes. I mean Evan is six.... SIX!!!
And Ryan is FIVE. I no longer own toddlers; I barely own pre-schooler’s.... I now own boys real full on growing boys...
And if I don't take pictures of them now, of their precious little faces, of their amazing smiles and devilish grins, I may forget I may not remember.
I mean I will, but I won't.
Ahhhhh You know what I mean. I am a Mom. I photograph I just do.
Yes, I have set backs. First (in case it wasn't clear in the first paragraphed I own boys). Two sweet, yet stubborn, little boys who have developed an extreme (sometimes cranky) dislike of being photographed. Oh sure it was easy at first... M&M's and the occasional dollar definitely helped. But that only lasts for so long, not to mention the ever knowing, ever wise and ever Mr. “Smarty Pants” who is in Kindergarten likes to lecture me from time to time on how much sugar we eat in and how that effects our caloric intake.
He means well....
The five year old however could care less. I love that about him. Carefree and goes with the flow a PERFECT photo subject. If only he would stand still and okay smile.
And so it begins, a new challenge a new love a new passion for something I have been doing my whole life. Photography!
Because I also own a husband who is too wonderful for words and supports every ounce of my crazy self encouraged me to take a photo class last month.  I was so fired up and ready. Especially, after I purchased, my very first DSLR. I mean how techy savy does that sound. A DSLR wahooo....
DSLR, plus class, plus sometimes cooperative kids, plus a new insight, a few lessons and a eye for anything remotely photogenic has turned my life into a walking autofocus of life that I can't wait to capture, one blissfully, non-perfect, SUGARY yet perfect image at a time.

Some of my faves of late.....


  1. Oh my gosh! Mary..your pics are great! I really love the first one..all of them are great! You can teach me a few tips:) Melissa

  2. Mary, you're awesome at pictures!! You should check out and possibly sign up for her RSS feeds. She often has photography contests and I am SURE you'd win. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of your beautiful work. =)



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