Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome....Now What

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, my wonderful husband of 6 years took me by the hands, turned me to face him and looked me so tenderly in the eye that my senses began to stir... For a moment I was transported back to the early days of when looking each other in the eye meant a whole lot of......well....let's just say good things. It really wasn't that long ago when...
"MOMMY, Come quickly there is a monster in the closet. Come quick"
Oh Crap!
But before I could turn my head in the dutiful direction of the 4 year old, my husband, who now had a grasp of my shoulders, wiped one strand of messed up non- showered hair behind my ear and whispered "I got this, you go do something for yourself."

"What? Myself..."???

"Oh, ME... " I replied "That person. (giggle giggle..) "I forgot about her. Okay if you say so. I will do something for myself. Now if you cold just point me in the right direction I will go introduce myself to her and see what she feels like doing. "

"No seriously" he said patting me in the head and still not breaking our eye gaze (he is so romantic). "I have the kids for a few hours. Enjoy your free time."

(Insert blank stare here).

So this is where I find myself on said sunny Sunday afternoon. Kids loaded up in the car, husband saying he is taking them for pizza and to pick out some posters for their rooms. I watch them drive away and just as I begin to wave after them saying I will go with them, an image pops into my head. An image from earlier in the week of two bored, hot little fuss pots who are sometimes just flat out impossible to please. As that image enters my head and I watch the car drive off a feeling of peace comes over me. I am off duty for a little while. I can do anything I want (within reason). I can go read my book, I can go down to the pool, I can finish the laundry from 8 days ago still in the dryer, I can even (call me crazy) take a shower..... So much to do.... So much to think about.... I walk back inside and find the dogs staring at me.

"I don't know" I say to them. "The peace and quiet is new to me too."

I wander back to the bedroom and contemplate what I want to do with my time.

And then it hits me.

Write. I want to write. All these years, all this time, all those stories I have stuffed in a folder that have never amounted to anything... I want to write. I want to write new stories, revisit my old ones and maybe just maybe write the book I have been meaning to write since I knew how to form sentences.

So on that glorious Sunday afternoon, something good to come out of this after all. I had a moment or "clarity" if you will. I came upstairs and sat in front of this computer and just stared typing. I typed for for awhile and then took a break and then typed some more. Eventually the family returned and I had to resume my duties as Mommy. But writing wasn't far from my mind and I am finally starting to realize that it never really should have been. It takes all sorts of things in this life to try and figure out what your God given gift is and probably even longer to implement a plan to do it. But I am a firm believe in it's never to late.

So welcome to "Momsie." I hope you join as a follower and enjoy reading about this journey as much as I will enjoy telling you.
A good friend of mine recently told me that I should try and discover the beauty more. I have been thinking about that a lot lately because I think what he really meant was discovering my own beauty, my own gifts, my own thoughts. Because beauty or not, thoughts matter. All thoughts all words, all dreams, no matter who you are.
As for the name "Momsie" if in case you are wondering....It's a combination of "Mommy" and "Mosey." Those of you in my family have known me as "Mosey" for years... Those of you not I will just say that sometimes, 'random, have no purpose, mean absolutely nothing' nick names picked when you are 9 years old just stick. It just seemed fitting to combine them both since on most days I can't even seem to remember my real name anymore...... Ummm....
"Mary" - right...
That's the one....
Good Lord...
I am so happy you are here with me.



  1. Mary

    I am over the blue moon for you :)
    You are going to live your dream..
    Way to go.

    Happy writing.

    hugs Carainn.

    pS I love the new blog.

  2. Your new blog template is SO CUTE! I love to write, too. :-)

  3. Hey there! Great content! I look forward to keeping up with you... Thanks for following my blog as well (My Diaper Diaries) :)



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